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  The music  

All the music on this site I composed and performed myself (with the exception of vocals on two tracks from 2006).

Additional soprano/alto vocals (such as in Sky High) are sung by me and shifted up with voice-correction software. Choir parts are made by combining multiple takes and adding appropriate reverb.

Almost all of the piano parts in my music were recorded on the piano in my house.

All of my recent music is recorded and mixed in REAPER. I use ZynAddSubFX for a lot of my synth sounds, along with various synths that came with SONAR (which I used before discovering REAPER).

  About me  

I'm Cambridge-based, and music is my main hobby.

I work as a mobile software programmer, and I studied Maths at university, so I do a fair bit of audio programming, using either Python or REAPER's built-in audio effect language.